Arai Keerai- Amaranthus Aritis!

The benefits of Arai keerai are fully elucidated in this post. Amaranthus is a plant that grows every year. It pertains to the family “Amaranthaceae,” which is important to the economy. Even though it is from South America, Mexico, and the West Indies, this plant was shipped worldwide.

After research showed that Amaranth leaves were full of important vitamins and minerals, people became interested in them again. Since they are high in potassium and fibre, they may help lower the risk of heart disease. As a result, they are supposed to be good for your heart and improve the immune system. Similarly, organic food products have the advantage of boosting immunity.

The seeds and leaves of this plant are both important sources of gluten-free protein. It happens in every part of our country and is common in places with tropical weather. The leaves can be green, gold, purple, or red, depending on where the plant grows.

It often grows to be between 80 and 120 cm tall. This plant is a popular leafy vegetable in the south and southeast of Asia. You can eat the leaf, the seed, and the oil. To make medicine, you have to use the whole plant.

Advantage Arai keerai

Amaranth leaves have the amino acid lysine, which is important for making energy and absorbing calcium. It also helps hair grow and keeps skin healthy. People who often lose hair or get grey hair can benefit greatly from eating amaranth leaves.

The benefits of Arai keerai are related to its high calcium content. Since amaranth leaves are high in calcium, they can help people with osteoporosis and other bone problems caused by insufficient calcium.

This amazing plant has leaves that are high in potassium. The element is important for a healthy heart and lungs. Potassium is needed to keep the fluid inside cells in balance. It also controls the rate at which the heart beats.

A cup of amaranth leaves gives you 97 percent of the vitamin A you need daily. They also have a lot of flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene, which make them resistant to oxidative stress from free radicals. One of the benefits of Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and skin.

Health benefits of Arai keerai

Both the leaves and the grain of amaranth are high in protein. As a high-protein cereal, amaranth is even better than oats. Plant protein is considered much healthier than animal protein because it doesn’t have much fat or cholesterol. Since amaranth leaves have a lot of protein, they help make you feel less hungry. A diet high in protein makes you feel full by lowering insulin levels in the blood and making you feel less hungry.

Easing the process of digestion is one of the benefits of Arai keerai. Because they are easy on the stomach, amaranth leaves are given to sick or fasting people. Amaranth leaves can be used to treat diarrhoea and bleeding. Regular ingestion is good for digestion.

Amaranth leaves have a lot of B vitamins. Vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, folates, and other nutrients can be found in these leafy greens. Niacin is a vital nutrient significant for overall health. They help keep babies from being born with congenital disabilities and are important for good mental and physical health.

They are good for people with anaemia, full of fibre, and low in calories. The leaves of amaranth are full of important phytonutrients and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation in the body and give it a nutritional boost.

Uses of Arai keerai

The grain-like seeds of the amaranth plant can be ground into flour. This gluten-free flour is high in protein and very helpful for people who can’t eat gluten.

Reducing bad cholesterol is included in the benefits of Arai keerai. Bad cholesterol, linked to several heart problems, has been shown to go down when amaranth leaves are eaten.

Vitamin K is abundant in amaranth leaves compared to other green leafy vegetables. This vitamin is significant for healthy bones and helps blood clot. It makes osteoblasts work harder and builds up bone mass. It is also good for people with Alzheimer’s because it controls the damage to neurons in the brain.

Here’s one more good reason to eat amaranth leaves every day. These leafy greens have a lot of vitamin C. If you eat 100g of the leaves, you can get 70% of your daily vitamin C needs. This vitamin dissolves in water and is needed to fight off infections and help wounds heal faster. It also helps eliminate free radicals linked to ageing and many types and causes of cancer.