Why is Organic Farming Important?

The importance of organic farming is discussed in this article. Organic Farming is a farming structure that strongly counts on animal waste, off-farm organic manures, green manures, and biofertilisers. On the other hand, it is a structure that evades the usage of contemporary unnaturally combined pesticides, chemical fertilisers, growth regulators, and hereditarily altered organisms and uses organic pest control methods. It also uses natural ways to enhance tillage and soil productivity. 

This system will augment tilth efficiency, overhaul years of ecological impairment and coalesce agricultural families into additional supply grids that proliferate bettered food safety. Uyir organic farmers market team tirelessly works on bringing the farmers unison into organic farming that will lead not only to the farmers benefit but also to facilitate the ecological system. We, Uyir organic farmers market, aid the farmers in systemising themselves in the documentation and promoting organic food production which in turn provides innumerable benefits such increase in immunity and relieving stress.

The employment of synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides adulterate the tillage and land water cumbersomely. This unjust use of fertilisers leads to catastrophic ecological outcomes that involve diminishing richness of the soil, losing the topsoil, losing genetic diversity, and polluting the water. It is an expansive production administration structure that maintains soil health endorses environmental health, which is substantial to biodiversity. 

Several research studies demonstrate that the approach of organic farming structure betters the conventional farming methods in multiple dimensions like higher yields and noticeable differences in soil health pointers. This ensures substantially lesser insect and disease prevalence with augmented soil health. The prominence of small-scale amalgamated farming structures promises to revivify nonurban areas and their financial growth.

 The importance of organic farming includes preserving ecological health by curtailing pollution, refining the soil’s health attributes, retaining soil nutrients, and enhancing water-holding capacity. This structure nurtures agricultural production at an environmentally sound level. It scales down human and animal health perils by lessening the residue levels in the product. It asseverates idyllic deployment of natural reserves for long-term benefit and ministers to the conservation of the environment for the future generation.

An alarming number of agriculturists quit farming in the last decade, and farmers are moving into other business opportunities. We, Uyir organic farmers market, strongly believe that organic farming is the only way to foster food security and health. So, we stimulate the farmers to follow the organic farming structure and propagandise the magnitude and the advantages of organic farming and help them in succeeding organic farming.