Mudakathan Keerai – Balloon Vine!

The benefits of Mudakathan Keerai are described in detail in this post. The balloon vine plant is called “Mudakathan Keerai” in Tamil. In Tamil Nadu, where this plant grows, it is well-known for its ability to ease joint pain. “Cardiospermum Halicacabum” is the name of this plant in the scientific world. It is termed “Jyotishmati” in Malayalam, “Agniballi” in Kannada, “Budda Kakara” in Telugu, and “Kanphata” in Hindi.

Adding mudakathan keerai to our diet is an excellent idea because it has so many health benefits, can be used as a medicine, and is just good for our bodies. It is especially well-known for its ability to relieve joint pain and help hair grow. We can use fresh mudakathan keerai leaves and dried mudakathan powder in many home remedies.

You can stop hair loss and make new hair grow by preparing mudakathan oil. You can cook culinary items like mudakathan keerai rasam, mudakathan keerai thokku, mudakathan keerai dosai, mudakathan keerai thuvaiyal, mudakathan keerai soup, and mudakathan keerai chutney.

Advantages of mudakathan keerai

Dosais are prepared by combining the leaves of the mudakathan keerai plant with the batter used to make traditional dosais and then eating them to alleviate joint pain. The most advantageous element of mudakathan keerai is that it may be used both internally and topically to alleviate joint pain. Regular use of this keerai helps build a strong immune system. Mudakathan keerai is also excellent in curing all cold and cough symptoms.

Mudakathan keerai has significant antibacterial activities that are present in all parts of the plant. These characteristics are beneficial against five distinct bacterial types (Salmonella, Aeromonas, E.coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas). Surprisingly, the seed coat contains the highest concentration of antibacterial properties.

Increasing fertility is one of the benefits of Mudakathan Keerai. The ability of mudakathan keerai to increase sperm motility and quantity is an intriguing feature of this medicinal plant. Simply eating mudakathan keerai regularly for thirty days results in a significant increase in sperm count and serum testosterone level.

Mudakathan keerai also has anticonvulsant properties. The administration of mudakathan keerai alcohol extracts with the rats greatly reduced the intensity of their convulsions. The whole plant extract was used in the extraction process, and the recommended extract dosage was 350 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight.

Uses of mudakathan keerai

Mudakathan keerai has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of glycosides, flavonols, and phenols. It is very efficient at lowering inflammatory levels caused by a wide range of illnesses because it also has analgesic capabilities, which tend to relieve pain.

Having antidiarrheal properties is included in the benefits of Mudakathan Keerai. The antidiarrheal potency of mudakathan keerai aqueous extract has traditionally led to its use in specific parts of India. These areas include people afflicted with persistent diarrhoea. This has been proven through research, and it is due to the presence of saponins, triterpenes, sterols, alkaloids, flavonoids, and tannins in Mudakathan keerai.

Mudakathan keerai also has antifungal properties. Luteolin and rutin are the two chemical components that have been proven to be primarily responsible for mudakathan keerai’s antifungal activity.

Mudakathan keerai has fever-lowering properties as well. It is also one of the best promising treatments for fever caused by malaria. If you have a cold, a fever, or a headache, try a cup of warm mudakathan keerai soup.

More uses of mudakathan keerai

Mudakathan keerai has a long history of use in the treatment of arthritis in our culture, and recent research has offered support for this age-old practice. Patients with arthritis are often given mudakathan keerai regularly in the form of dosai or rasam, which dramatically helps reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Possessing anti-ulcer properties is one of the benefits of Mudakathan Keerai. It possesses anti-ulcer properties that make up a substantial portion of its composition. People who suffer from acidity can significantly benefit from including mudakathan keerai in their diet. Mudakathan keerai extract, which may be prepared by boiling the leaves in water, has modest anti-ulcer properties. 

 A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mudakathan, when applied topically to the skin, has the ability to protect against mosquito bites, which is another intriguing application for this herb. The three mosquito species used in the study were Aedes aegypti, Culex quinquefasciatus, and Anopheles stephensi. The ethanol leaf extract was found to be highly effective in warding off the bites of all three.