Agriculture is the backbone of India. India’s oldest method of farming is organic farming. Getting the knowledge of organic farming is not only necessary for farmers but also helps the common man. organic farming is an good alternative as well as important need of current situation.

   Chemical fertilizers were been discovered in 18th century. Urea was the first fertilizer to be discovered later  followed by other fertilizers produced from ammonia. These were largely produced by Haber Bosch process. As the price of the chemical fertilizers were affordable and also can be easily transported from one place to another farmers started depending more on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

   Tamil Mundasu kavi Bharathi says, “ IF A SINGLE MAN PERSON DOES NOT HAVE FOOD THEN WE WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD”. If he were present today he would have quoted DESTROY THE FOOD GROWN BY CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS”. Food is the basic and most important need of all living beings in this world,” no food no life”, but today food itself slowly getting toxic due to chemicals and started killing many lives.

    Organic farming is farming in natural way also in nature’s way. It does not involve in artificial chemical products like pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.

  The below given methods are important part of organic farming. Application of these methods in farming helps in protecting the soil, water ,atmosphere and also helps in yielding good, non toxic, and healthy food products to the benefiters.

  Farmers also gets high yield as well as profit. Most importantly we teach our next generation to practice healthy agriculture practices and also give them food products healthy, non toxic, and with high medicinal values.

UYIR is calling all our dear agriculturists and farmers,

Start switching on completely to the marvelous organic farming. Use your knowledge and skill in creative way and let us create a protect and enrich our world and all the lives living here.