• 100 ml of neem oil
  • Depending on plants age take camphor pellets
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Shikakai 
  • Turmeric powder
  • Calcium oxide

  For the small leafed crops like black gram if the crop is less than 1 month period then take 5 camphor pellets and if more than  1 month take 8 camphor pellets.

  For crops like Brinjal and Bhendi during summer take 8 camphor pellets and during other seasons take 10 camphor pellets.

  NOTE: use organic camphors. They are sold in many organic shops.


  • Camphor cannot be dissolved in water but it can be dissolved in ethanol . The ethanol is a waste product extracted from the sugar industries and so it is organic.
  • Eucalyptus Oil can also be used for dissolving the camphor.
  • Neem oil is to be converted into the state of water. for this we can use organic shampoos.

Shikakai or soap nut powder can be added into neem oil to change it into water state. Soap oil or kadhi shampoos can also be used.

  • Add 1 spoon of turmeric powder, 1.5 spoon calcium oxide, to the neem oil solution. This can prevent plants from pest attack.
  • Now fill the half of the sprayer with water and add the neem oil solution and camphor solution to the sprayer. Now mix all the solutions in the sprayer. Now this can be sprayed to the plants.


  • Camphor solution is a good growth stimulant for plants. It improves the plants growth and also gives high yield.
  • If it is sprayed to moringa we can yield drumsticks within 20 ndays. If we spray for 2-3 times to sessame the plants grow quickly with good height and also improves flowering.
  • In case of lemon and jasmine we can yield the fruits and flowers regularly.
  • In chillies we can prevents stunted growth when sprayed initially
  • In onions it prevents pointed bulbs.
  • In black gram flowering will be in high numbers. In groundnut it prevents the leaves from pest and thereby it increases the yield.
  • In cotton it prevents boll worm attack effectively and also improves flowering which results in high yield.
  • Camphor solution acts as good pest resistant for all crops.
  •  Camphor solution controls mealy bugs attack in the plants very efficiently in short time. No other product can control mealy bug as effectively as camphor solution.
  • In guava and Amla it controls powdery mildew diseases.
  • If sprayed to curry leaves all types of pests can be controlled and also helps in producing dark green curry leaves.