• Ginger                – ½ kg
  • Garlic                 – 1kg
  • Green chillies     – ½ kg
  • Kadhi soap         


  • Soak the ginger in the kerosene for 12 hrs and grind it to the fine paste.
  • Grind the ginger and the chillies into a fine paste separately.
  • Mix all the three pastes together and tie it in a muslin cloth.
  • Now soak the muslin cloth heap in 6lit water until the extract gets filtered into the water. Now we get 6 litres of solution for spraying.
  • Take 500ml or 1 litre of thius solution based on the pest incidence and dilute it in 9.5;it and 9lit of water respectively. This effectively controls the worms attack in the field.
  • Dissolve the kadhi soap in the water and spray it to the crops. This helps In adhering the ginger garlic chilly solution on the surface of the leaves.
  • By doing this the effect of the solution retains for longer period and controls the pest effectively.
  • While carrying out this procedure use hand gloves.